Vault 1.2.5

Store all of your passwords, program serial numbers and credit card information in one secure location.

Data is secured in an industrial strength AES 128 bit encrypted database.

Data files can be stored on a network server making it accessible from different computers running Stalker.

Multiple data files can be created and stored in different locations with individual passwords.

Lifetime license. Buy now and receive free updates for the life of the product.

Vault can automatically notify you of any available updates.

Built in backup function allows you to easily backup your data file to any location that you specify.

Print out a hard copy of your lists as an additional way to backup your important information.

Vault helps keep track of all your user IDs, passwords, software serial numbers, and even credit card information in a secure, easy to use program.

Vault uses a powerful AES 128 bit encryption, so your information stays protected even if your data file or even your computer becomes compromised.

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Try Before You Buy

Download Vault now and give it a try. You will be limited to 2 entries in each category. If you like it, buy a license to unlock the program and remove the demo restrictions.


To keep you safe from prying eyes, your passwords are not displayed (unless you choose otherwise). Simply click on the clipboard button to copy your password to the clipboard and then paste it into the password field of the system that you are logging into.

Vault will automatically clear the clipboard after 6 seconds, or any other interval that you set as long as Vault is still running.

Need to step away from your computer for a while? No need to quit out of Vault, just click the "Lock" button and all of your information is secured until you unlock it with your master password.

Vault will automatically lock when the system goes to sleep. When the system wakes, you will need to supply your master password to make your information available again.