Stalker 2.1.1

Follow or 'stalk' all of your investments in one convenient location.

Data is secured in an industrial strength AES 128 bit encrypted database.

Data files can be stored on a network server making it accessible from different computers running Stalker.

Multiple data files can be created and stored in different locations with individual passwords.

2 year license. Buy now and receive free updates for the next 2 years.

Stalker can automatically notify you of any available updates.

Keep and eye on the market and your portfolio. Stalker updates every 2 minutes with 20 minute delayed quotes.

Powerful tools help you determine buy and sell points, or the number of shares you can purchase with a given amount.

Stalker provides several tools to help you manage your stock investments. From a simple watch list that updates every two minutes, to calculators that help you determine the price you want to buy and sell your stock. By adding your current stock positions into the Portfolio, you can see how the value of your investments are changing throughout the day.

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Try Before You Buy

Download Stalker now and give it a try. You will be limited to 5 entries in your watch list and 2 positions in your portfolio. If you like it, buy a license to unlock the program and remove the demo restrictions.


Purchase Power
Purchase power allows you to quickly determine how many shares of stock you are able to purchase based on the amount of money you are willing to invest, the brokerage fee and the price of the stock you want to buy.

Profit/Loss helps you to visualize how a change in the stock prices will effect your investment value. By moving the slider, you can quickly see how a price change will affect your profits.