Have you ever found yourself struggling with a program that was supposed to make your job easier and business more productive, only to find that you need to change the way YOU work to conform to the program? Aren't computers supposed to make things easier? A program is nothing more than a tool. It should be an extension to your business, not a restrictive mold that changes the way that you work. We believe that the computer should be told how to work, not the other way around.

This is where having a custom program, designed with the way YOUR business works, can really excel. By building a custom program based on your current methods, you don't have to change the way you work. It will do what you want, how you want it done. Because your custom program works the way that you expect it to work, the time that it takes to learn this new program is drastically reduced.


While having a custom program created specifically for your business does cost more than an 'off-the-shelf' option, it may not be as expensive as you might think. Because of our most popular licensing agreement, we are able to 'recycle' code that we have used in solutions for other clients, drastically reducing our costs and development time. This provides you with not only a lower cost of ownership, it greatly reduces the time that it takes for you to receive a fully working product. Best of all, the 'recycled' code helps provide you with a more stable and streamlined application because it is currently being used in production programs that have already been tested.


We understand that the way you work is as important to your success as the quality of the service or product that you provide. This is why we use a Non-disclosure agreement for every custom program that we create. Your business practices will remain yours, and only yours. The code that we 'recycle' between different projects is all mechanics under the hood, not the client specific aspects. If you prefer, we can create a solution that does not borrow or share code with any of our other project, just keep in mind that will significantly increase the cost of the final product because of the increase in development time.

Because of the programming language we use, we are able to create programs run on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Because our programs can be compiled for either computer platform using the exact same source code, we can easily create a cross-platform program for you that looks and works the same no matter what operating system you are running it on. This can really benefit users in an office that is using both Windows and Macintosh systems, or looking to change from one platform to another. Best of all, this flexibility does not increase the cost of your project.


Fill out the contact form and let us know a little bit about the program that you need designed. From there, we can schedule a free consultation to go over the project and begin to estimate the cost and length of development.